Common Questions

I’m a new seller. I am not allowed to list in ________ category where I’ve discovered a lot of good brands I want to sell. I AM allowed to list in ________ category right now. I am sure there are a lot of brand names I can’t sell but would like to be approved for. Can you give me a quote for ungating some of these main categories or major brands? I have a limited budget so please also let me know what you think is the best bang for my buck. I look forward to your reply.
Our best recommendation:
Take full advantage of selling in the categories where you CAN sell.
Don’t spend your money on ungating right now.
Spend it on inventory.
Become a student of Amazon.
Come back in a year if you need help and there is a strategic advantage to ungating.
FANTASTIC feedback, Thank you so much. I really appreciate your “real” comments. I’ll come back to you in a year. Can I bother you for one more piece of advice? I’ve been taking a class by ________ on  <<type of selling>> but I may just ask for my $1000 back. When you say Become a Student of Amazon – where do you recommend that I study? Do you recommend Amazon courses themselves in the Seller Central area? I’ve not really dived into that direction. Every little nugget of guidance helps. I really appreciate it. Thanks.
Learn on your own.
You don’t need a course.
Study every day.
Put your money into inventory.
Learn how to source and evaluate products.

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