For our intake form and to get you an accurate quote, we need screenshots from your account.

This is how to obtain the correct screenshots:

Go here:

Use a snipping tool, MSPaint, or your phone camera to take a screenshot of this page.

This is how the screenshot should look:

<<image here>>

Save this image to your computer where you can find it. Access this image and attach it inside the form.

We also need screenshots from the following places within your account:




If you would prefer not to follow the links above for any reason, simply go here from within Seller Central and follow these steps:

In the top right corner of the screen after you are logged in, go to Settings.

Then, go to _____1_______, _____2________, ______3_______, and ______4_______.

Those are the 4 screen shots we need.

This way, we can see what is need without needing to even access your account.

This information is kept confidential and is actually faster, easier, and safer than giving away account access.

Thank you!




You should never provide account access to anyone you don’t trust.

You should never provide your MWS keys to anyone or any service provider you don’t know and trust.

You should only use your admin login for the primary account holder. Anyone else logging into your account should have their own dedicated access.

This includes employees, spouses, and business partners.

NEVER share the email address and password that you use to log in to Seller Central. Use the Amazon User Activation tool for account access.